Automotive Industry

For more than a decade, Velocity has provided a broad range of IT services and solutions to automotive dealerships throughout southern Ontario. Our extensive experience in the automotive industry can help you to improve the profitability of your business.

Every day dealerships confront a multitude of challenges – they need to integrate application systems that don’t talk to each other; continually update customer and vehicle service information; stay on top of manufacturer updates and regulations; update IT infrastructure as their businesses grow; monitor network issues, and more.

You can benefit from our deep experience in this market which spans multiple manufacturers including Honda, Nissan and Ford. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Concentrate on what you do best

Entrusting your IT needs to us frees you up to concentrate on what you do best – serve your customers and expand your business.

Our expert team of IT service engineers offer a full range of support: If your needs are limited we can provide boutique services as required.

If your needs are broader, we can become your long-term expert IT provider — ensuring that a strategic approach is taken to this vital element of your business. Handled by a single point of contact, all of your IT needs will be managed from beginning to end. We’ll make sure that all upgrades, expansions and repairs are made strategically – ensuring that one network change doesn’t cause issues farther down the line.

Our Services:

Application Integration: Ensuring that multiple vendor applications can talk to each other is a common issue faced by many dealers. We can provide integration services to ensure that data from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other applications are migrated smoothly into your lease retention applications.

Equipment configurations and installations: Expanding your infrastructure? Leave it to the experts. We can analyse your goals; assess your current situation, recommend a course of action and then implement the installations over one or numerous locations.

VoIP Installations: Thinking of switching to VoIP? We can liaise with telecom vendors, handle the installation of multiple servers across locations; and more.

Benefits of working with us:

Proven Track Record

We have many years of experience in the automotive industry spanning numerous manufacturers. Our clients are incredibly loyal and our expertise is unquestioned.

Single point of contact

You’ll deal with one experienced IT expert who will liaise with all necessary technology vendors. This will simplify and streamline your processes, save you time and boost your productivity.

Personalized, regular service

You don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to track us down. Our regular visits ensure issues are caught before they become problems.

Reliable and consistent performance

We guarantee our service – we assume 100% responsibility for performance.

Comprehensive project management
We oversee your IT projects from start to finish, freeing you up to concentrate on growing your business.

Talk to the experts. We’re ready to help.