Education is no longer confined to a typical classroom setting.  Advances in technology have empowered new methods for delivering a more intuitive learning experience.   Schools, colleges and corporate training centers rely heavily on multimedia presentations, real time research results, social media and online tutorials as the backbone for increasing our knowledge capital.

From school boards to employment workshops, we work with many institutions that understand the benefits the new age of internet and social media can bring to a learning experience as well as the many risks which can follow.

While the internet can be an incredibly valuable tool for both social and educational purposes, an individual’s safety depends on parents, faculty and employers who take a proactive approach to help protect students against cyber bullying and online sexual exploitation. As a student’s online comfort level grows, new online activities initiate change as well.  Studies have shown that blocking or banning access is not the answer to safe social networking in schools.

We have entrusted industry leading software and hardware partners to assist when it comes to filtering harmful website content and social media communications in educational environments. These evolving technologies help create a safe and healthy learning environment while accessing an almost limitless supply of resources that can enrich learning while students develop social networking and web browsing safety skills.

Contact us to find out how we can protect your institution from the potential harm that social media and website content can deliver.