Nowhere is the need for security more vital than in the world of finance. Financial organizations need to take every precaution to protect their valuable information from external threats which can not only pose financial risks, but also damage reputations and provide exposure to legal liability.

Velocity is an IT partner that you can trust to handle these vital concerns. We have more than 20 years of experience providing solutions to the financial industry. Our expert team of specialists can ensure your confidential data is safeguarded; providing network security by implementing security and secure access systems that will safeguard your assets.

In addition, we can help financial organizations to better administer their complex records and documentation needs by managing and streamlining their systems documentation, resulting in improved business processes and increased efficiencies.

For organizations considering migrating to the cloud, we are an ideal partner to assist in developing and implementing your cloud strategy. Migrating to the cloud can provide powerful advantages when it comes to system recoverability and redundancy.

We support a full spectrum of IT managed services—from application management, information technology and business processes, to systems integration and consulting.

Entrusting your IT needs to us will help you:

  • Secure valuable information
  • Improve auditing and compliance requirements
  • Facilitate electronic record-keeping
  • Streamline business processes
  • Adopt complex financial regulatory guidelines more efficiently