Healthcare and Wellness

The healthcare landscape is a period of enormous transformation. Around the world governments are transitioning to e-health systems – presenting healthcare and wellness organizations with challenges completely outside their realm of expertise.

That’s where we come in.

We have a wealth of experience not only in providing creative IT solutions, but also in shepherding healthcare organizations through the complex process of integrating their systems with governments seeking full access to their networks.

This is fraught with danger. Why? Whenever you are asked to make sensitive information available to a third party you are opening yourself up to the prospect of an unsecure environment.

Velocity’s expert team of specialists can ensure your confidential data is safeguarded; providing network security by setting up your own independent systems protected by firewalls while still enabling your firm to comply with government access requirements.

Our comprehensive suite of IT solutions can handle all your other IT needs – from full systems integration to installing network servers, upgrading or expanding infrastructure; managing your wide area networks; managing your migration to a cloud platform, to IT support, training and much more.

Velocity will be your trusted advisor, providing you with flexibility and choice no matter whether your needs are large or small.