Globalization, shrinking margins, inventory backlogs and the continuous need to decrease time to market, are ever-present challenges for the manufacturing industry. The companies that survive are those that adapt and continually transform their businesses to work smarter and more efficiently.

Velocity provides innovative solutions that help optimize manufacturing processes; navigate “IT-hostile” plant environments; integrate networks with CRM and production systems and reduce inventory and order fulfillment costs.

We are experienced in providing solutions and services across a range of manufacturing industries including Automotive, HVAC and Distribution.

Velocity can also provide on-site or cloud based services sized appropriately for your business. Migrating to the cloud can reduce the cost of IT infrastructure by eliminating the need to buy your own hardware and servers, and can also provide powerful advantages when it comes to system recoverability and redundancy.

Whatever your needs, Velocity will provide you with flexibility and choice. Find out how we can help move your business forward.