Cloud Services

Access Your Data Safely from Anywhere

Using the cloud for data storage offers many benefits for businesses of all sizes, including greater flexibility, improved collaboration, and enhanced security. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to store your company’s data, Velocity Solutions cloud services are here to help!

Velocity Solutions Cloud Services

Cloud storage can help businesses scale more quickly as they grow and evolve. With cloud-based solutions, businesses can quickly add or remove resources depending on their needs. This is important to grow your business or respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Storing data in the cloud makes it much easier to collaborate with your team members. Whether you’re working remotely or just need faster access to data from different locations, having your information in the cloud allows you or your employees to access it wherever they are and whenever they need it. Learn more about our cloud service offerings below.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Transform your work and reimagine productivity with the flexible Microsoft 365 cloud. With the combination of trusted Microsoft Office applications, professional email services, cloud storage, intelligent tools for streamlining operations, advanced analytics, and security features, Microsoft 365 is the ultimate office suite to empower your best work.

Microsoft Azure

We help you make sense of the Azure cloud platform. Microsoft Azure allows you to build and deploy the IT project of your dreams. Its open and flexible cloud service platform lets you do more by taking advantage of its ever-growing list of integrated services, applications and tools.

Microsoft Azure
vmWare Cloud

vmWare Cloud

Experience the power of Velocity’s VMware Performance cloud with predictably priced SMB cloud environments packed with the latest VMware enterprise management features, all within a flat rate month-to-month pricing model.

Cloud Security Compliance

Is your cloud infrastructure secured and hardened against outside threats? Velocity Solutions is here to ensure your data policy conforms to best practices in security. We analyze your current setup and make cost-effective recommendations to keep your data in the cloud secure and accessible.

Cloud Security Compliance
Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Services

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

Does your client base need access to your data? Is it possible to segment internal data away from outside sources? Velocity Solutions can help determine the best private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions for your business.

Backup to Cloud

Are you currently storing backups locally only? Backing up to the cloud can act as a further layer of disaster mitigation. Velocity Solutions can set up automated cloud-based backups so you can rest easy.

Backup to Cloud Services
Cloud Migration Design

Cloud Migration

Velocity Solutions has partnered with leading public and private cloud vendors to deliver the best-of-breed cloud solutions and migration support you need. We understand firsthand the many benefits and challenges that migrating to the cloud can present. Our cloud experts work with you to understand your current IT footprint and architect a plan that will support your computing growth, without breaking the bank or your team’s confidence in performing their tasks in a cloud environment.