Data Protection

Secure Data. Everywhere.

Data protection is more critical than ever. The current digital economy has made it difficult to keep track of all data, as it is increasingly scattered across multiple locations and systems. This further complicates the challenge of protecting corporate and personal information from malicious actors who have easier access to valuable data due to the increased interconnectivity of systems. Velocity Solutions can help organizations preserve privacy and allow innovation by keeping track of all forms of data in multiple locations simultaneously.

Organize & Encrypt Your Data

Velocity Solutions helps organizations protect their confidential information by tracking all forms of data throughout various points within a network or system. This creates a real-time view of the entire system, allowing security teams to quickly identify any threats or anomalies that may be present. Additionally, velocity can detect attempts at unauthorized access or manipulation of data, offering an extra layer of protection against cybercrime or hacking attempts against their networks and systems.

Encryption Advantages

  • Helps you avoid regulatory Fines
  • Provides privacy
  • Protects data in the cloud
  • Increases trust with clients
  • Helps secure users working remotely

Sensitive Information Protection

Many organizations recognize the value of using data protection services as part of their security solution. Banks, universities, companies, and government agencies have adopted this technology to securely store confidential information while reducing the risk of cybercrime or hacking attacks against their networks and systems.

All files are encrypted via intelligent systems monitoring all your data sources. as files are uploaded, protection is automatically applied.

Velocity Solutions is the ultimate protector of data. We keep people’s personal and financial information safe, regardless of location or form. With advanced encryption and other safeguards, data is kept secure from cyber threats like hacking, malware, phishing scams, and identity theft. This security gives individuals a newfound peace of mind when interacting online and more freedom to create and innovate.

Our Data Protection Process

Data Protection Audit


Our technical experts will sit down with your team to determine where your data is stored and how it is accessed or used in daily business. Many businesses use a combination of cloud storage, local servers, intranet systems and more. Your individual data assessment will help us determine what kind of protections your systems need.

2. Secure & Protect

Once we’ve discovered all the data and its access points, Velocity Solutions gets to work installing encryption tools and testing systems that limit your data access to relevant stakeholders only. As an added bonus, any bad actors that do manage to steal data will find it useless without the encryption key.

Data Protection Setup
Data Protection Monitoring

3. Monitor

All our data protection services include an easy-to-use monitoring panel that will alert you and your IT team to any threats or gaps in coverage. With proactive 24/7 automated monitoring, you can rest assured knowing your data is always being properly encoded and stored.

Data Protection FAQ

Data protection is essential because it helps to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information. This includes personal data, financial information, intellectual property and other types of sensitive data.

Some common threats to data protection include cyber attacks such as hacking or phishing scams, malware infections, insider threats and physical theft or loss of devices containing sensitive information.

Organizations can protect their data by implementing security measures such as firewalls, encryption, access controls and regular backups. They can also provide training to employees on how to recognize and prevent cyber threats.

There are many laws governing data protection around the world. In the United States, some fundamental laws include the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

All individuals and organizations handling sensitive information are responsible for protecting it. This includes employees, contractors, vendors and business partners.

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