Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Rock-Solid System Planning

Are you looking for a trusted partner to guide your next infrastructure design and implementation project? How can you plan ahead for potential impacts on users and ensure minimal disruption to your operations? Velocity Solutions understands the complexities of implementing new system architecture to your existing assets. We’re here with a tailor-made plan built specifically for your needs.

Maximum Impact Infrastructure

At Velocity Solutions, we go above and beyond to understand each company’s IT implementation and service needs in-depth, striving to craft solutions that maximize value while minimizing risks. With a customer-centric approach, we prioritize uncovering existing gaps so that the tailored solutions can fill any unmet needs most cost-effectively. Our teams use this comprehensive methodology to ensure the best possible outcomes for all customers.

Infrastructure Design…

  • Should align with business goals and support operational requirements.
  • Includes hardware, software, network, security, and storage components.
  • Should be scalable and flexible to accommodate future growth and changing needs.
  • May involve collaboration between IT staff, vendors, and other stakeholders in the organization.

A Partner You Can Trust

Businesses rely on technology more than ever, so having a tech foundation that works for their needs is essential. When expanding or upgrading your IT stack, things can get complicated fast. Will the new assets behave properly and securely with your current network? What groundwork needs to be done to install hardware and configure the software? How can we accomplish an upgrade without disrupting normal operations?

Companies can trust Velocity Solutions to step in and create a secure, reliable system to help them reach their goals. These pros go through an exhaustive process involving planning, configuration, implementation, and optimization to ensure the system functions properly and efficiently with minimal downtime. With this foundation in place, businesses can have peace of mind knowing their operations are running smoothly.

Our Infrastructure Design & Implementation Process

Infrastructure Design Planning Team

1. Plan

Our IT experts will consult with you and your team, discovering pain points and issues to be resolved with your current setup. An on-site walkthrough will take measurements and decide on install points for your new hardware.

2. Install

Velocity Solutions will work with you to determine an optimal install time designed to cause minimal impact on your business operations. Our hardware experts will work diligently to install, configure, and test new hardware

Infrastructure Installation
Infrastructure Training Instructor

3. Guide

Once your new hardware is integrated and installed, we’ll provide your staff with in-depth training and answer any questions your team might have. We’re here to ensure the transition to your new systems are seamless.

Infrastructure Design & Implementation FAQ

Critical considerations for IT infrastructure design include understanding business requirements, identifying hardware and software requirements, selecting appropriate network architecture, implementing robust security measures, ensuring scalability and flexibility, and planning for disaster recovery.

Hardware and software requirements are typically determined by analyzing the organization’s current technology environment, assessing future needs based on business goals and growth projections, researching industry best practices, consulting with vendors or experts, and conducting cost-benefit analyses.

Some common challenges in implementing an IT infrastructure design include budget constraints, lack of resources or expertise within the organization, and technical issues or limitations with hardware or software solutions selected for deployment.

The length of time required to implement an IT infrastructure design will depend on factors such as the scope of the project, complexity of the technology environment being deployed or upgraded; availability of resources; vendor selection process; testing phases; etc. It can take several weeks to months to complete a full implementation.

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