Professional Services

Lending Your Business a Helping Hand

Velocity Solutions is here to provide you with the professional services you need to keep your IT running smoothly. We’ll cut out the technical jargon and focus on what matters to you – results. Allow us to take the headaches out of your technical issues so you can focus on your clients. Your next IT plan doesn’t have to be difficult, let us help.

Velocity Solutions Professional Services

Are you ready to supercharge your IT with our professional services? Velocity Solutions is a partner you can trust with any of your IT professional services needs. We’ve helped countless firms ensure their infrastructure is properly configured, clean, and ready for action. When it comes to IT, you don’t want to be caught under-prepared. Learn more about our professional services below.

IT Moving

IT Moving

Over three decades of providing IT services for our valued long-term clients, we have helped many survive their IT challenges in moving, renovating, downsizing, building new office space and even transitioning to a partial or full-time work-from-home/anywhere environment.

CyberSecurity Compliance

Velocity Solutions has assembled a seasoned team of cybersecurity experts and a partnership with the industry’s most savvy IT security companies to help you package a well-planned protection strategy that is right for you, your staff, your customers, and your budget. 

IT Security Compliance
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Velocity understands firsthand the importance of a bulletproof disaster recovery strategy coupled with a flexible business continuity plan. We have the disaster recovery expertise you need and the technology partners in place to ensure a proper backup of your onsite and cloud data along with your critical applications and IT systems can be easily achieved, making it faster and easier to restore operations while practicing a solid business continuity plan. 

IT Health Check

Velocity Solutions specializes in performing IT reviews to identify the health and risks associated with your infrastructure, build a list of observations and recommend actions to maximize your existing investment while creating a collaborative IT budget roadmap for the months and years ahead. 

Network Health Check
Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Infrastructure Design & Implementation

What happens when it comes time to upgrade aging IT equipment that is not keeping up with your business goals? Replacing one piece if IT equipment might solve your problem of today but may also create an unknown performance or ability problem for tomorrow. Let the experts at Velocity Solutions chart an infrastructure design specifically tailored to your business.

Network Cabling & Server Room Cleanup

Velocity Solutions has the network experts to properly disconnect, clean up, re-cable and organize your server room equipment. A clean, organized server room will save valuable time and money when physically monitoring and maintaining the equipment on your racks and shelves. This expertise extends into running, testing and properly labelling new network cabling through your office. Whether you require one new network jack in an office or a complete cabling installation in a brand-new or renovated building, we can help.

Cable Management & 
Server Room Cleanup