Managed IT Security

Defending You & Your Clients

Technology alone cannot battle today’s increasingly complex and sophisticated targeted cybercrime threats. To combat these threats, Velocity Solutions offers managed IT security services. The risk of emerging dangers to your organization requires the expertise of both human and technical intelligence experts.

Plotting a Managed IT Security Path for Your Team

Velocity Solutions is a leading provider of Managed IT Security Services. We constantly evaluate emerging threats and partner with the industry’s best security and technology experts to provide our clients with the best possible protection. Our proven track record of delivering bullet-proof security policies and procedures is unmatched. When you join forces with us, you can be confident that your company, your data, your employees, and, most importantly, your customers are safe from harm.

IT Security Facts

  • Due to the pandemic, nearly 60% of internet users have reported an elevated risk of a data breach.
  • More than 75% of targeted cybercrimes begin with a malicious email.
  • Data breaches are mostly financially motivated.

Source: Enterprise Apps Today

We’ll Protect Your Business

In today’s business environment, data security is more important than ever. Our team of managed IT security experts can help you protect your company from the ever-growing list of cyber threats. You’ll gain access to the latest tools and technologies to keep your data safe by partnering with us. You’ll also receive ongoing training for your employees so they can identify and respond to potential threats. And if a cyber attack does occur, Velocity will be there to help you recover quickly and minimally disrupt your business operations. Please don’t wait until it’s too late; join Velocity Solutions today and rest easy knowing your company is protected.

Increased efficiency is another key benefit of managed IT security, as it can help to streamline your processes and improve your overall productivity. By automating tasks and reducing the need for manual intervention, you can free up time and resources that can be better spent on other areas of your business.

Our Managed IT Security Process

Contact Help Desk Services

1. Prevent

When your team runs into an issue, reach out to the help desk services team at Velocity solutions using your preferred point of contact. Our experts are standing by to tend to any technical issues your team may face. 

2. React

Through troubleshooting with advanced diagnostic tools and in-depth technical knowledge, our remote IT expert will identify your issue and guide your staff to the correct resolution.

Get Support
Help Desk Services Success

3. Support & Training

Once everything is verified to be back in working order, our support will confirm there are no other outstanding issues and let you get back to work.

Managed IT Security FAQ

Velocity provides a complete program of network security services. Our matrix of leading industry security partners delivers the most advanced cyber threat detection technologies and a team of security experts that continually protect your IT systems and data. We cover all of your essential core network resources (servers, switches, firewalls, endpoints etc.) and can also cover your remote and mobile devices. We identify and fix vulnerabilities, monitor systems and identify threats in real time, respond to cyber incidents, and give you complete visibility into your security posture. We notify and consult with your staff if actionable security issues arise or automatically respond to incidents with a comprehensive, closed-loop service program.

Your existing security investment is an excellent start toward lowering your risk. Both are necessary pieces of a comprehensive security program. But proper security is about having multiple layers of protection, and many other requirements are needed to ensure your network is effectively protected. Velocity can often work with the technology you already have in place (such as firewalls, antivirus and intrusion detection systems) to better secure your network environment. We show you where your security baseline stands today by identifying any current gaps. We will improve your stance with a comprehensive solution that keeps you covered.

Wrong! 70% of all network hacks are now happening to organizations with fewer than 100 employees. Furthermore, approximately 60% of small to mid-sized companies go out of business within six months of experiencing a significant cyber-attack. Smaller organizations need just as much security as larger ones – not less. Regardless of size, no organization should consider itself a low-value target. Thanks to many readily available hacking tools, small and mid-sized organizations’ networks and employee devices are more vulnerable to attack than ever. The good news is that, in the past, enterprise-grade security was only available to large corporations and government agencies that could afford the high price tag. Velocity has removed the financial barrier to having better security – providing a more level playing field for every organization.

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