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Are you looking to cut costs on your software licensing? From office applications to operating systems, we’ve scoured the industry to find you the best deals whether you need a single license or a volume deal. Velocity Solutions has teamed up with leading software developers to offer great trials, demos, and deals on modern software.

Modern Software at Incredible Prices

It is vital to keep your software licenses current for several reasons. First, using outdated software can leave your system vulnerable to security threats and malware attacks, as older versions often lack the latest security patches and updates. This can put sensitive data at risk and compromise the integrity of your business operations. Secondly, vendors may discontinue support for older versions of the software, which means that you cannot access technical support or receive assistance if there are any issues with the software. Finally, failure to maintain current licenses can lead to legal consequences, including fines, penalties or even criminal charges for copyright infringement. Therefore, ensuring that all software licenses are up-to-date is essential to avoid these risks and ensure the smooth running of your business operations.

Updated Software Provides…

  • Secuirty
  • Performance
  • Efficiency
  • Cost Savings

Constant Security & Feature Patching

Keeping your software licenses up-to-date comes with several advantages. Alongside the apparent security and feature updates accompanying a valid license, managing software licenses becomes more accessible in bulk since there is a central point of control for all licenses rather than managing each license separately. This enables businesses to ensure that they comply with licensing requirements and helps prevent the risk of fines or legal action due to non-compliance.

Our Software Licensing Offerings

Software Demos

1. Trials & Demos

Try before you buy! Some of our software solutions come with trials or demos that allow your organization to take a test drive and see how things integrate within your workflow systems. Velocity Solutions technical experts can guide you through familiarizing your entire team with the new software through documentation and training, alongside our incredible support team.

2. Bulk Licensing

As your business grows, you’ll need multiple licenses for the same software. Bulk software licensing provides several benefits to businesses, including cost savings and ease of management. By purchasing licenses in bulk, companies can often negotiate better prices with vendors and avoid paying retail prices for each individual license. This can result in significant cost savings over time.

Bulk Software Discounts
Individual Software Licensing

3. Individual Licensing

We can still get you a deal if you have a specialist needing a specific license! Contact our sales team and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll ensure you get the best deal possible on the latest software. Have questions about how the new product will work alongside the rest of the team? We can answer that, too.

Software Licensing FAQ

Software licensing typically involves purchasing a license from the vendor that grants the user permission to use the software according to specific terms and conditions. These terms may include restrictions on how many devices or users can access the software and limitations on copying or sharing.

The choice between different types of licenses will depend on your needs and budget. Consider factors such as how long you plan to use the software, how many users will need access, and whether you need regular updates or support.

Common types of software licenses include perpetual licenses, subscription licenses, and open-source licenses. Perpetual licenses provide lifetime access to a particular software version, while subscription licenses provide access for a limited time. Open-source licenses allow users to modify and distribute the code freely.

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