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As your business grows, so does the number of devices your organization uses. Outfitting your team with high-quality desktops, laptops and tablets saves time and increases productivity. Velocity Solutions has teamed up with leading manufacturers to deliver great deals on PCs, laptops, and tablets.

Is It Time for New Hardware?

It is generally recommended to upgrade business computers every three to five years to ensure they can handle the latest software, features, and security updates. Over time, computers tend to become outdated and overused due to the frequent demands of daily use. If a business deals with slow speeds or experiences frequent crashes or errors, it may be time to consider upgrading its equipment. In addition, newer models often come with better hardware, such as faster processors and more efficient memory, which can provide increased performance compared to older models. Additionally, modern operating systems can help secure systems against potential threats while providing improved features such as enhanced search capabilities and built-in access to cloud storage solutions.

Upgrade Advantages?

  • Secuirty
  • Performance
  • Efficiency
  • Cost Savings

Hardware Upgrade Benefits

Upgrading business computers can offer numerous advantages and benefits, from improved performance and security to greater efficiency and cost savings.

Newer models come with faster processors, more efficient memory, and cutting-edge technology that can help improve system speeds and reduce latency when dealing with large files or tasks. Additionally, modern operating systems are designed to be more secure as well as offer new features such as enhanced search capabilities and access to cloud storage solutions.

Upgrading a business computer’s hardware means having access to the latest security features. This is essential in keeping company data safe from potential threats such as ransomware or malicious software. Furthermore, having updated software and peripherals can also reduce the risk of attack by hackers.

By upgrading their equipment, businesses can take advantage of modern software that offers improved functionality over older versions. This increases efficiency in day-to-day operations by streamlining processes and reducing time spent on manual tasks. Additionally, access to cloud storage solutions provides increased scalability for storing large amounts of data without investing in costly physical storage devices.

With newer models come reduced costs associated with maintaining antiquated machines such as hardware repairs or replacement parts that may no longer be available for outdated models. This helps increase a business’ bottom line while also providing them with up-to-date technology that supports their long-term success.

Our PC, Laptop & Tablet Options

Desktop Computer Hardware


Our partnerships with manufacturers, including Dell and Lenovo, allow Velocity Solutions to offer unbeatable prices on the latest desktop PC products. In addition, our friendly sales team will work with you to ensure you get the proper hardware so you can focus on business.


If your workforce needs something more mobile, we’ve got you covered! Velocity Solutions offer machines like the Dell XPS lineup of the latest laptops for work and play. Our hardware is ready for anything from simple business machines to powerhouse desktop replacements.

Business Laptops


Does your business work with tablets? Are your teams distributed to various sites and need a handheld device to interface with your systems? Velocity Solutions can supply you with the latest Android tablets, and we’ll help you set up your new device to ensure it’s connected and ready for business.

PC, Laptops & Tablets FAQ

The frequency of upgrades will depend on various factors, including the age and specifications of your current computers, the demands of your software applications, and your budget. A general rule of thumb is to upgrade every three to five years.

It is best practice to stagger upgrades over time rather than upgrading all at once. This approach can help manage costs while ensuring that you maintain a consistent level of performance across your organization.

Yes. Many organizations choose to recycle or donate their old equipment after upgrading. However, properly wipe all data from old devices before disposal or donation.

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