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Moving a business to a new location is never easy, and if not managed correctly can lead to costly disruptions. Office relocation services are essential for companies to make the transition smoother by allowing IT equipment and systems to be transferred quickly and efficiently. Not only does this ensure efficient and smooth progression when moving, but it also helps protect any sensitive information that may be stored on the equipment during transit. With Velocity Solutions, businesses can ensure their move goes as planned with minimal disruption experienced.

Making IT Moves Easy

IT Moving is a long and daunting process, often with many confusing steps that can be overwhelming and tedious. Fortunately, Velocity Solutions has developed the perfect answer – top-tier services designed to simplify and streamline the office relocation process. This efficient service helps customers assess their hardware, properly disconnect and pack, set up, run wires and test connections at your new location.

IT Moving Teams…

  • Reduce the risk of damage to IT equipment during transit
  • Ensure proper handling and packing of fragile or sensitive IT assets
  • Minimize downtime by ensuring a smooth and efficient relocation process
  • Provide specialized expertise in moving complex IT systems, such as data centers or server rooms
  • Offer peace of mind with insurance coverage and liability protection

Always There for Your Business

Velocity Solutions has been helping businesses move their IT services for decades. Their team of certified professionals has handled thousands of moves throughout the years. It has developed an extensive knowledge base in navigating the complexities of moving IT services. Furthermore, we understand that no two businesses are exactly alike, so we tailor our solutions to each customer’s unique needs. From thoughtful planning and preparation to careful coordination with multiple third-party technology vendors, we will work hard to ensure your move goes off without a hitch.

Office relocation leaves you with enough to worry about. Save time and money with your trusted partner in IT, Velocity Solutions.

Our Office Relocation Process

Office Relocation Analysis

1. Analyze

Our team will visit your place of business to see what needs to be done to migrate your systems to new premises with minimal downtime or interruption. We’ll answer any questions and tailor-build a moving plan specifically for your organization.

2. Proper Packing

IT equipment can be sensitive. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure your hardware is all adequately packed with relevant accessories and cables clearly marked. Our office relocation team knows this and will ensure everything is safe for transport and easy to set up upon arrival at your destination.

Proper IT Packing
Office Setup

3. setup & testing

Our team will run all relevant wiring and network cables, setting up your key IT hardware infrastructure. We’ll test connections and ensure everything is working just as you had it before the big move.

Office Relocation FAQ

An office IT relocation involves moving an organization’s information technology infrastructure, including hardware, software, and data, from one location to another.

A company may need to relocate its IT infrastructure due to expansion or downsizing of the business, relocating to a more cost-effective location, or upgrading equipment and facilities.

Ideally, organizations should begin planning for an office IT relocation at least six months in advance. This allows time for proper preparation and coordination with all parties involved.

Key stakeholders involved in an office IT relocation project may include internal IT staff members, facilities management personnel, outside vendors or contractors providing specialized services such as cabling or server installation.

Strategies include conducting thorough testing before and after the move; using temporary backup solutions if necessary; scheduling the action outside peak business hours whenever possible; ensuring clear communication with employees about any disruptions.

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